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about the complex 

Architecture and design

Classic Bulgarian style with a contemporary twist – EMERALD HILLS design is carried out by a team of young and talented architects from the city of Sophia.

The complex consists of 4 three-stories buildings, that are combined into two blocks with an adult pool, jacuzzi, kids pool and kids play ground in the middle.

There are 28 apartments total, from 43 to 207 square meters (462 to 2.228 square feet) each.

We care about your health and safety – EH is solely built with natural materials with application of green technologies.

about the complex 


Double-powered electrical substation. Public water and sewer system. Fiber-optic cable for TV and internet. Interior
Each apartment is ready to become your new home.

EMERALD HILLS high technologies, provide for smart and efficient living, while attention to detail make for coziness and comfort.

Each apartment is prepared for fireplace installation. Natural fire will create a unique atmosphere, while helping you stay extra warm and cozy in the winter. The energy-efficient invert DAIKIN air-conditioning system will help to maintain the appropriate temperature during any season.
Some words 


At present, it is + N\A°C
Favorite spot of Bulgarian bohemia – artists, musicians and actors.
Comfortable, no fuss place
Sozopol is an ancient city located, on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. In 610 B.C., the Greek colony of Apollonius Pontica ( named after the God of Health and Beauty/Apollo) settled here. In IV century B.C. Apollonia was renamed to Sozopolis the town of salvation. Even now, archeologists keep revealing ancient excavations such as marble and luxury metal antiquity, ceramic amphoras and coins. All excavations decorated by the old symbol of the city – anchor. The Old Town of Sozopol is a UNESCO’s cultural heritage.
Walking among the streets of The Old Town, feel especially atmospheric and enjoyable.
Some of the Churches and temples, which were built in the middle ages, are still visible today. Citizens are especially proud of the Church of the Holy Virgin (Svetaya Bogoroditsa),whose wooden construction, is decorated by local masters with remarkable iconostasis, icons and fine woodcarving. In Fall, it becomes especially interesting in Sozopol. The city digs into its unique atmosphere. For many years, Apollonia Festival of Arts, has been hosted here. Celebrations feature numerous exhibitions, concerts, film, theater performances and new books. You won’t get bored!

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